February 28, 2023Kiswahili Advanced Level

CLUSTER III: Kiswahili Advanced Level

Course Objectives

The main objective of this course is to enable the learner to communicate comfortably and in a relaxed way in more complex Swahili communication in all aspects and contexts of Swahili use.  Thus, at the end of the course, the student will be able to communicate with Swahili speakers using complex Swahili phrases (both in written and spoken Swahili).


Course Descriptions

This course deals with the use of Swahili in various contexts. So, various language styles will be discussed in spoken and written form. Moreover, reading and writing in Swahili will also be practised.


Delivery: 40 hours (20 hours for lectures and 20 hours for discussions)

Module 1: Stadi za Kusoma

  • Kusoma makala za magazetini
  • Kusoma hadithi kutoka vitabu vya Watoto
  • Kusoma hotuba mbalimbali

Module 2: Stadi za Kuandika

  • Kuandika insha
  • Kuandika barua ya kirafiki
  • Kuandika barua ya kikazi
  • Kuandika kadi/barua za mialiko
  • Kuandika hotuba
  • Kuandika hadithi

Module 3: Rejesta

  • Sokoni
  • Mahakamani
  • Hotelini
  • Hospitalini
  • Bungeni
  • Ibadani
  • Michezoni

Module 4: Aina mbalimbali za Lugha ya Mazungumzo

  • Lugha ya mazungumzo katika mazingira yasiyo rasmi
  • Lugha ya mazungumzo katika mazingira rasmi
  • Tofauti ya lugha ya mazungumzo katika mazingira yasiyo rasmi na rasmi